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Our Work in Child Education

SMAid is committed to helping children including the most marginalized with access to quality education. SMAid is committed to empowering children to read and write thus contributing to the reduction of illiteracy burden in our communities and country.

SMAid partners with communities to use local materials and resources available for the establishment of schools by empowering communities through its unique program Community Led Education.

SMAid, Ghana Education Service, Community Members and Assemblies of God Church partnered to establish a school for the children in Tumiamayenko Community in Sunyani (Ghana). School Enrollment increased from 13 in 2013 to 150 children in 2017.

What we do

  1. We partner with Communities,  hurches to build or rehabilitate schools
  2. We furnish schools in need with tables, boards, chairs etc.
  3. We offer scholarship to poor families within communities that cannot afford to pay school fees for their kids
  4. We offer scholarship to “children of the streets” and “children in the streets” to start or continue their education.

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