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SMAid partners with vulnerable communities to improve the lives of Individuals, Children, and Families by identifying and helping them to overcome health challenges that prevent them from living life in its fullness.

SMAid responds immediately to disasters when they strike. We respond by providing supplies and other resources needed to help victimized persons. We respond to natural and health emergencies without delay.

SMAid is committed to helping children including the most marginalized with access to quality education. and empowering children to read and write thus contributing to the reduction of illiteracy burden in our communities and country.

At SMAid we are committed to identifying less privileged children in our communities and we provide psychological, moral, spiritual, economic, educational and social support.  SMAid’s arms are open to embrace children in the streets and those abused to show them the love of God by supporting them psychologically, financially, economically and spiritually.

SMAid implements social accountability and advocacy project
by mediating between citizens and District Assemblies. Accepted social accountability tools are used to empowered citizens to demand accountability and transparency from their District Assemblies in Ghana.

At SMAid we call what we do a ministry since we draw our inspiration from Act 6:1-7 and Mathew 25:14-30. Christ is the center of what we do. We put our talents to work by giving those we serve Hope, through the love of Jesus Christ.

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