Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) PROGRAMS

Community education and sensitization

36% of communities in the five (5) districts we are working with have been reached with adequate information that Buruli ulcer, Leprosy and other NTDs can be treated. Most of these communities attributed the disease occurrence to other reasons notably spiritual. Persons affected then were discriminated by family and friends even after treatment due to the spiritual association.

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Community health volunteers trained

One hundred community health volunteers sourced from Buruli ulcer and Leprosy endemic communities have been equipped with adequate information about Buruli ulcer and Leprosy. Community volunteers are now able to suspect and refer cases early for diagnosis and treatment. Most of the cases gotten from these districts were referred by the trained volunteers which was not the case before. These volunteers are the primary contacts of persons with Buruli Ulcer and Leprosy before referral to the hospital.

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Capacity building of health workers on case detection

Equipping health workers with the needed knowledge and skills is a core activity under the Buruli ulcer control project. Health workers in the four districts now have better cognizance about Buruli ulcer and are able to suspect and diagnose cases for early care. 89 Clinical health workers have received training on Buruli ulcer diagnosis, treatment and general management of cases.

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Case Managements

We do not discriminate against persons based on the religion, gender and nationalities.

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Early detection No Disability

We do not discriminate against persons based on the religion, gender and nationalities.


The Total Health Village (THV) is a holistic, transformational development program that works to build the capacity of community members to solve their own problems. Under this unique initiative, SMAid International identifies and adopts communities that are remote and rural with poor health (including economical, mental and spiritual health) and addresses the health challenges holistically. The communities are chosen strategically so that the finished effects of SMAid interventions can have rippling effect on other surrounding communities over time. Currently, SMAid International in Ghana has two Total Health Villages in the Sunyani West District namely Tumiamayenko and Kobedi THVs, and plan to adopt more in the nearest future.

Total Health Village, Kobedi

  • Kobedi, CHPS Clinic
  • Kobedi Malaria Screening
  • Kobedi, Youth Empowerment through Sports
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    Total Health Village, Tumiamayenko

  • Tumiamayenko Village Saving and Loan Association (VSLA)
  • Tumiamayenko, Community Hero Vegetable Project
  • Tumiamayenko Malaria Screening
  • Tumiamayenko, Child Welfare Centre(CWC)
  • Tumiamayenko, Nursery School
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