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Sustainable Mission Aid (SMAid) International

Sustainable Mission Aid (SMAid) International (formerly MAP International Ghana) is a Christian Health, Development and Relief organization dedicated to promoting Total Health of people living in poorest urban and rural communities in Ghana and across Africa. SMAid partners with communities to improve the lives of children and families by identifying and helping them to overcome obstacles and challenges that prevent them from living life to its fullness.

Although SMAid International is a Christian organization, it has a policy against discrimination based on religion, gender, race, ethnicity and other aspects of an individual’s background, and will not refuse help to anyone based on these classifications.

SMAid seeks to improve Health and Quality of Life among the world’s underserved families and communities.
SMAid is committed to providing the knowledge and means for individuals to have access to health, livelihood opportunities, quality education and related matters for a holistic and sustainable development among the world’s underserved persons.
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Join us in making a difference by volunteering your time! For those of you who want to volunteer your time but cannot make it into the office, we invite you to pray with us.

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